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Rural Research Alliance of Community Pharmacies, or RURAL-CP, is the first multi-state practice based research network developed exclusively for rural community pharmacies. We are currently recruiting pharmacies to join this innovative network!

RURAL-CP is an elite network of over 145 rural community pharmacies spanning seven southeastern states and the only network of its kind in the United States. Pharmacies within the network will collaborate with colleges of pharmacy to identify and address societal, community, and professional questions that relate to medication use and pharmacy practice.


The mission of RURAL-CP is to reduce rural health disparities by supporting high-quality implementation research with rural community pharmacies.


RURAL-CP Locations

Location map

Interested in joining the RURAL-CP network?

If you are a rural pharmacist* in AL, AR, GA, MS, NC, SC, or TN interested in joining RURAL-CP, please reach out to our Program Manager, Abby Gamble, at

*Please note: we typically consider a pharmacy to be rural if it has a Rural-Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) Code of 4-10, as determined by the “Am I Rural?” tool available here: There are some exceptions to this RUCA code criteria. If you have questions on rurality, please contact our Program Manager.